Personal Training


People’s Personal Trainers are the Ultimate Workout Experience, helping you achieve optimum results.
People’s Personal Trainer shall create a dynamic exercise program based upon your personal goals, unique metabolism and fitness level. Your certified Personal Trainer combines high intensity workouts and basic nutrition education with the motivation that you need to reach your goals and maintain long-term results. People’s Total Fitness is the prime health club which pays as much attention to your trainer as yourself.
People’s focus on expert certified trainers which are armed with the latest updates and methodologies. They are well educated about their job. With the assistance of these techniques, your personal trainer shall help you to build a personal training program customized to your body. To find out more, read below or better yet stop in to our club and speak with a People’s Personal Trainer about getting started today!


With every Personal Training package you shall receive workouts designed carefully around you and your personal goals that do more than motivate you to get to the gym. Each session is structured to build cardiovascular endurance, improve strength and increase flexibility. It’s an experience, every time!


Your personal trainer first analyzes your specific body composition, metabolism and fitness level. This allows us to customize a program that will get you the results you want. Your Personal Trainer performs a fitness assessment and estimates your unique resting metabolic rate to establish calorie composition and expenditure required to meet your goals.


Personal nutrition and fitness profile

Meal plan/supplements based on your nutrition goals and metabolism

Recommended grocery lists


Your Personal Trainer provides basic nutrition education through a Weight Loss Manual that will help you improve your eating behaviors, make healthier food decisions and live according to your caloric budget. You shall also be updated about new weight loss/gain programs.

Our Personal Trainers are experts at blending exercise, nutrition and support to help you reach your goals and maintain results. So if you’re tired of doing it alone, or know that you need extra accountability, look to your Personal Trainer to guide you every step of the way. People’s Personal Trainers are a team of certified fitness professionals committed to providing knowledge, motivation and creativity so that you achieve maximum results. Think of your Personal Trainer as your teacher, coach and advisor. He or she shall get you started and keep you motivated along theway toward reaching perfection.