We strive to provide end-to-end customer service through our customer benefit programmes at People’s Gym.


  • We have a competition for a specific workout each month
  • Gives our customers a chance to push their fitness to new levels
  • Medals given out to winners


  • Every month we have a workout for the month
  • Our trainers assist and help our clients learn the warm up workouts
  • Help you attain optimum fitness and avoid injuries


  • We call our clients every month to check on their fitness improvements
  • To remind them to stick to their fitness regime
  • Recommend them ways to achieve their fitness goals


People’s ain’t just a gym it’s a brand . A brand that stands for fitness health and well being. It’s not just equipped with all the right equipment you need but the instructors and staff are extremely knowledgeable, highly motivated, and awesome people to be around as well .Getting to the gym always has a good positive vibe around it.
Having trained with Sumeet Godkar just for two months and loosing 12 kgs in a healthy manner boosted my spirits to work even harder towards my goal….kudos to the whole team and looking forward to burning alot more at People’s.


– Christopher Albuquerque


Hi guys I m Pooja Bet and i wana share my weight loss story with you all. Back in my teens i have always struggled with my obesity and hence in the year 2008 i finally decided to join Peoples gym in malad and work on my body and health.I started working out with the trainers of peoples gym who made me do cardio and weight training and helped me follow a balanced nutrition plan.Gradually i lost 20kgs in a span of a year. I became fit and gained strength,flexibility and confidence.I also have been training with Sumeet Godkar sir since 5 years and he really helped me gain a good amount of muscle mass and lose fat and not just weight with his intense training which comprised of resistance and functional training.He also keeps a lot of variations in my workout so that my body doesn’t hit a plateau.Peoples gym is highly equipped with the latest equipment and have a kind and courteous staff with qualified trainers as well.Cleanliness and hygiene is also well maintained.
Thank You to all the staff of Peoples gym for supporting me throughout my 9 year journey with them. Keep it up.

– Pooja Bet


My name is Neel prasad & i have been working out in people’s gym since the past 7 years now. Initially when i joined the gym i was very lean, but then i took 5 years of continuous personal training with proper diet & nutrition through all the different trainers in here, & all the trainers helped me to bring a transformation in myself.. The equipments in the gym are top class in here, the atmosphere is lovely with some pumped up music & the new Crossfit workouts that they have started in here is a great way to build stamina & strength!..
Plus they keep your interest by keeping new competitions & keep the urge & fire in you burning!!…. The best thing about People’s gym is that it’s closer to my home so that makes it even more convenient besides all the other feel good factors about it, & i have made some lovely friends as well thanks to People’s gym… The trainers in here are just super awesome & i owe whatever change i have seen in myself to them!!
And the support staff, their contribution to making people’s what it is has been immense & often goes unoticed. So special thanks & regards to all of them!!
I always say this to my friends & everyone that if you are looking for me then come to People’s gym first & then my home.. It’s indeed a People’s gym for all the Peoples out there!! So do join people’s & be consistent, It will make you fall madly in love with the shape of you!!

– Neel Prasad